Repair of Nasal/Facial Fractures

Repair of the nasal septum ( Septoplasty) is one of the more common procedures in ENT surgery. Deviation of the nasal septum can be congenital or can be caused by trauma causing the central wall of the nose to bend to one side. Often, seemingly minor injuries during the formative years can lead to more serious deviation as the nose matures and develops. This can result in diminished nasal breathing and feelings of obstruction as the air passages are blocked. Nasal Septal Repair allows ENT surgeons to straighten the deviated cartilage to restore more natural nasal breathing. Typically, our patients report not only improvement in breathing during the day but improved sleep as they rely less on mouth breathing and return to more natural nasal breathing during sleep. This procedure is often used as an adjunctive therapy in patients with sleep apnea. It can also be helpful in athletes who struggle with getting enough air through their noses.

Nasal septoplasty is accomplished through a small incision inside the nostril and is done as an outpatient procedure that typically takes less than an hour. It is occasionally combined with turbinate reduction (the swollen tissues on the side wall of the nose) if necessary. Patients usually report minimal pain and are able to get back to work within 1 week.


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