Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

The physicians at Bellingham ENT all have extensive experience in the management of both acute and chronic sinus disease. Our patients range from those who suffer with occasional mild flare-ups of infection and plugging to the most severe recalcitrant patients who have failed therapies elsewhere. A wide variety of medical and surgical options are available to patients suffering from disorders of the sinuses. Using nasal endoscopes as well as our in house Mini-Cat Sinus low radiation Imaging system, we are able to accurately identify and treat complex sinus disorders. The physicians at Bellingham ENT are proud to be able to offer the latest and most up to date techniques to alleviate sinus suffering in our patients. This includes the use of modern, minimally invasive mucosal sparing techniques as well as cutting edge tools such as balloon sinuplasty, in which blocked sinus are reopened using balloon catheters. Additionally, we have the ability to use real time 3-D CT Imaging during procedures of particular complexity. Through the use of these techniques, we can help patients undergo these procedures with minimal discomfort and a rapid return to their daily lives.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery ( FESS) is typically performed at the Whatcom Surgery Center allowing patients to have a safe, private, no hassle outpatient surgical experience. FESS is accomplished with the use of nasal endoscopes and is done entirely through the nostrils leaving no external bruising or swelling. Patients can typically return to work within 1 week, depending on their needs. A series of follow up visits will be scheduled to insure that the surgical outcome is maximized.


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