Dr.Verneuil speaks on swallowing problems
How Botox can help with speech and swallowing disorders

Dr. Andrew Verneuil from Bellingham ENT was invited to give a presentation to the annual meeting of the Washington State Speech Language Pathology Association (WSHLA) as a part of the Dysphagia symposium. This meeting was held on October 12th for all the speech pathologist in Washington state. His lecture was on dysphagia (swallowing problems) related to cricopharyngeal muscle spasm and Zenker’s diverticulum. He covered the state of the art treatments that are currently being done by the physicians of Bellingham ENT. These include BOTOX injections to the cricopharyngeus muscle, cricopharyngeal myotomy, and Zenker’s diverticulum surgery both traditional and minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. The physicians of Bellingham ENT work closely with speech pathologist to develop a team approach to patients with speech and swallowing disorders.


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