Bellingham Ear, Nose & Throat’s history dates back over 30 years, and in that time has become the premier location for Otolaryngology (Latin for ear, nose, throat) care in Whatcom County and beyond. There were once three separate ENT practices in Bellingham providing general care. In the early 1990’s Drs. Stackhouse and Knops joined a practice begun by Drs. Harris and Hecht which was the beginnings of what Bellingham Ear, Nose & Throat is today.

In the past decade, with medicine becoming more and more specialized (‘Super-specialized’ has become a popular term for it) the practice recruited three new Otolaryngologists with fellowship training to enhance patient care and build upon the strong foundation that Dr. Stackhouse and Dr. Knops provide. With the arrival of Drs. Olson, Verneuil, and Lichtenberger – Bellingham Ear, Nose & Throat is now the center of excellence for Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery in Whatcom County.

The goal of Bellingham ENT has always been to provide the most effective, efficient, and convenient care for the community. This has led to other additions over the years, other which complement the physicians’ practice. These include three subsidiary facilities – all under one roof – Whatcom Surgery Center, the Hearing Health Clinic, and Hecht Aesthetic Center. Lastly, to maximize patient convenience, the center has an onsite CT scanner specifically designed for the head and neck.

Bellingham Ear, Nose, & Throat has a long history of providing the best care for ENT and Head and Neck Surgical needs in our community. Other physicians in Whatcom County will attest to the quality, reliability, and consistency of care the physicians and staff provide.


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